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J.W. Reedy Realty . . . the home folks - Lombard

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J. W. Reedy Realty

J.W. Reedy Realty is a family-owned business with deep roots and proud traditions in the communities of DuPage County that it serves. Now led by third generation Reedy family members, the Home Folks have a strong team of 45 full-time Realtors working together for the best results for their clients. To understand our company, you have to look back to what we learned from our grandfather & founder, J.W. "Jack" Reedy, on how to satisfy a client. We have remained in business because we treat every transaction as if our future depends on you and our client's satisfaction . . . because it does! Our future depends on your successful sale or purchase, each and every time. The future success for the whole J.W. Reedy Team - managers, Realtors and support staff - depends on your satisfaction today! You see, just as our #1 market position today was built on yesterday's client satisfaction, our future is built on your satisfaction with our real estate services today. J.W. Reedy offers its sellers and buyers the most up to date services in real estate and good old fashioned marketing know how! We are truly honored to serve your real estate needs!